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The Soul Travelling bus leaves at 2pm every Wednesday on Soul Beat Radio bound for all points of the soul compass. All aboard for tons of great soul, funk, jazz, disco, rare groove & hip hop as well as School Runner, 88 Miles Per Hour, Soul Traveler and Detroit Pit-stop. You are just who I was looking for to take with me on this trip.

Now this ride is gonna blow your mind cos the places we hang are gonna be so hip. I'm gonna turn you on to some people who are really deep down into what's happening. Get inside the GBE and let me take you Soul Travelling.

"Gary Byrd"

 I work as a DJ for hire under the name DJ Purplehayes, playing a broad and eclectic mix of music. I cater to all tastes from 50's music to the latest chart hits but I also specialise in rare-groove, funk and soul which I play at regular gig 'Soul by the Sea' at The Divers Arms in Herne Bay. My earliest soul memories as a child in the 80s are of chart groups like Kool and the Gang, The Pointer Sisters and Shalamar but it was Motown and acts like Fats Domino, James Brown and The Flamingos that were on heavy rotation on my Sony Walkman.


For me music is a never-ending journey in an unknown and ever-changing direction - tracks and bands are breadcrumbs on the trail that must be followed. It doesn't matter where you are going as long as you enjoy the journey and share where you have been.


My current favourites? Rene & Angela, Gwen McRae and Bobby Thurston but ask me again next week....


Pete 'Purple' Hayes