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A Birmingham DJ for too many years I care to remember. For the last 4 years a radio broadcaster and radio DJ. slowly giving up the mobile disco work for internet broadcasting. Music style if it makes you dance sober or drunk it has to be good modern soul or 1970's disco or 1960's soul and Motown if you can dance to it, you have to play it. An ex red coat at Butlins and blue coat at Pontins in the late 1970's. Birmingham night club DJ and lots of weddings in my mobile disco time.
Favourite artist's Lisa Stansfield, Kenny Thomas, Swing out sister, Aretha Franklin and list goes on.


For me music is a never-ending journey in an unknown and ever-changing direction - tracks and bands are breadcrumbs on the trail that must be followed. It doesn't matter where you are going as long as you enjoy the journey and share where you have been.


My current favourites? Rene & Angela, Gwen McRae and Bobby Thurston but ask me again next week....




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