Live Tennis Betting

Guides To Playing Live Tennis Betting

As you already know, tennis betting is not an easy task, as it requires fair precision to make a winning bet. For this reason, we advise players who are new to tennis betting and those who do not know much about tennis betting to take this article seriously.

One of the most difficult aspects of betting on tennis is not knowing what kind of performance a player will put forth. You could look at a match between Novak Djokovic and Milos Raonic and conclude that Djokovic should win easily. 

What if it’s a smaller tournament that Djokovic isn’t part of? What if he’s feeling a little tired or sick? What if he just comes out flat? All of these factors must be considered when betting on a tennis match at 22Bet.

The good news is that live betting allows you to avoid some of these perils. Let’s take a closer look at three very useful strategies for live tennis betting:

Discover Hidden Value

Live Tennis Betting

When betting on live tennis betting lines, there is always an offer of excellent value. Favourites who start slowly are a great example of the hidden value in live tennis betting. For instance, you might want to bet on Serena Williams to win a match, but she might be priced at -1000 before the match. If she drops the first set and you still believe she’ll wake up and win it, you can often get her at a discount, perhaps around -600 or -700.

Tennis is an endurance and circulation sport, so there are frequently good opportunities to get a better line during the match than there were before.

Take a Look at the Evidence

One of the main benefits of betting on tennis live at sportsbooks is the opportunity to get some proof before embarking on playing the game. While pre-match handicapping may demand you to ‘think’ or ‘project’ certain things, live betting provides you with clear evidence before making a betting decision. If Djokovic comes out flat, as, in our example above, you can choose to forfeit the bet. You can also intervene if he appears to be as strong as you anticipated.

In any case, this allows you to observe some action before placing a wager. That’s immensely beneficial because matches don’t always turn out the way you anticipate.

Defend Your Bets

Live Tennis Betting

You have the chance to diversify your bets, which is one of the biggest benefits of live betting. Assuming the player you bet on is looking shaky and you want to leave the game, you can wager on the opposition. In this type of situation, you still have the chance to win because you have diversified your bet to the opponent.


Now that we have given you the preliminary steps to successful life betting, we advise that you make good use of lessons learnt in this article.

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