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Live betting at a bookmaker

Live betting (also known as in-play betting by bookmakers) is becoming increasingly popular. Are you someone who loves action and has enough sports knowledge to beat the bookies? Then live betting could be something for you. But beware: when you bet live, you have to know what you are doing very well. Quick decisions are required, so you must have the courage to react immediately to what is happening on the soccer field or the tennis court. There is a nice reward for this, because with live betting the odds are often very interesting. In any case, a particularly exciting game awaits you.

Lots of action and excitement with live betting

Live betting with a bookmaker is about courage and speed. At the beginning of the game you have every opportunity to observe the players or the clubs at your leisure. Who is on form and who is pushing the most? Once you’ve got the best possible picture, it’s high time to bet. Because the longer you wait, the sooner the attractive odds disappear.

From the moment you bet money you can watch the game with excitement. This is sometimes different when you make a pre-game bet. If you bet on Ajax to win and they are already 2-0 down after 45 minutes of football, you are probably losing interest in the game anyway. But with live betting, the games are often exciting from start to finish.

The courage to make quick decisions is the most important quality you need for a live bet. Of course, you play cleverly into what is happening on the field or square. A red card for FC Barcelona’s top striker will no doubt influence the game. Or how about a tennis player who gets too distracted by the crowd instead of concentrating on his game? Such signs will help you determine the timing of engagement. And when you spot the right signs, you need to act fast. At least with a live bet, a football, tennis or basketball game never gets boring.

Beware of the bookmaker’s powerful weapon

bookmaker's powerful weapon

We just said it in a nutshell: the longer you wait to bet, the greater the chance that the attractive odds will disappear. After all, you are not the only one active during the game. Bookmakers are also watching and deciding how to end the game in their favor. Of course, they have a strong weapon for this: the quotas. As long as the game is in progress, the bookmakers have the right to change the odds. If Barcelona’s top striker is indeed sent off with a red card, bookies will reconsider the likelihood of a Catalan victory. It could be that the odds drop if the opponent wins. And how interesting is it to bet on it?

With live betting, the trick is to stay one step ahead of the bookies. You have to recognize the signs before the bookmaker does. Let’s say Max Verstappen drives around in third place but he’s constantly putting pressure on the cars in front of him. Then you shouldn’t wait too long before betting money on a Verstappen win, otherwise the bookmaker will be ahead of you. In live betting, speed is therefore required. The odds that apply at the moment you place a bet continue to count for you. So it no longer matters if the odds drop significantly at the end.

Live betting on your favorite sport

More and more players are opting for the appeal of live betting. A logical consequence is that the offer is constantly growing. Of course, you can also bet live on football at the bookmakers. Here you can choose from games from all over the world. Maybe you are betting live on the Eredivisie, the German Bundesliga, the Champions League, the Brazilian Série A or the Vietnamese V-League. The number of betting options is in no way inferior to pre-match bets. Choose a 1×2 bet, Over/Under, Even/Odd or choose an Asian Handicap. Alternatively, you can also bet on the total number of goals or the player who will score the next goal. Is soccer not quite your sport? Even then there is a large selection. There are numerous live betting options for tennis and darts fans. Or prepare for Formula 1, NBA basketball, ice hockey, a boxing match, a game of rugby, American football or a major volleyball league game. Live betting is really everywhere.

How to find the perfect live bet

It can sometimes be difficult to make a choice from this large selection. Luckily, bookmakers will help you find the right bet. First of all, they like to distinguish between pre-match and live betting. So there is always a separate area where you can place live bets. But then you are not there yet. Because what if you’re not specifically looking for a game? On the contrary, you may find it much more important to be able to bet on a game that is about to start. In this case, the players or clubs are of secondary importance.

Bookmakers offer a convenient service for such moments. For example, there is always a calendar of live games on the various betting platforms. You can see exactly which sports games start at what time. You can often see a few days ahead, making it easier to plan bets in advance. So you know exactly when you need to be ready at your laptop or when you need to have your smartphone at hand. You can also easily place live bets on your mobile phone. Of course, when looking at the bookmaker’s calendar, it can happen that an interesting game is running. It doesn’t have to be a problem to get on anyway. The bookies will show you exactly what the score is, and the up-to-date statistics will give you an idea of how the game has gone so far. With this, the bookmakers give you all the information you need to win the live bet.

Follow live what is happening in the game

Follow live

With live betting it is important that you can follow the game as closely as possible. There are several ways to do this. It is best if you are live at the stadium or venue so you can follow the entire game perfectly. And if you have your mobile phone at hand, you can place a bet in no time. Don’t have the opportunity to be so close to the action? Then hopefully it will be possible to watch the game on TV or via a live stream. Some big bookmakers have their own live stream on their website. If you have an account and regularly bet through the bookmaker, you can watch the live stream completely free of charge.

Please note, however, that not all games can be broadcast live. Especially with smaller games and leagues there is often no live material. But that doesn’t have to be a problem. The bookmakers have found a clever way to present what is happening as vividly as possible. Using a graphic representation, they try to show the course of the game in detail. Offside in football, an ace in tennis… you can see it all on the graph. The actual statistics then do the rest. You can see at a glance how much possession a football team has had and what percentage of a tennis player’s serves converted into wins. This way you can make a winning bet without even watching a minute of the game live.

Are you ready for a live bet?

With a live bet you always have to go through a number of steps. You start, of course, by choosing a suitable game. If you still have enough time, prepare yourself in advance by looking at the statistics. How high are the clubs or players in the ranking? And how have the games between them gone in the past? If you are well prepared, you will know exactly what to look out for during the game. Once the game starts, try to think a little ahead. Perhaps one of the two sides is known to suddenly fight a lot harder after conceding a goal. Then betting on a trend of the game is not a crazy idea.

When it comes to live betting, good timing is especially important. If you bet too early, you run the risk of losing the bet. If you bet too late, you can only make a little profit due to the low odds. Beginners often find it difficult to estimate the right time for an assignment. Fortunately, this is a matter of experience. The more often you bet live, the better you can choose the right time for your bet.

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