cards have already been played

How to remember which cards have already been played

How many trumps are left in the game? If you don’t count, you annoy your fellow players and give away points. It doesn’t have to be! These tips will help you remember the cards better.

Counting trumps and knowing which cards are bucks is a must. A very good Jasser always knows which cards are still in play. No question: playing cards requires brains.

Why is it so easy for some people to memorize cards and so difficult for others? “People differ in their ability to remember and remember things,” says Klaus Oberauer, head of the Department of Cognitive Psychology at the University of Zurich. However, those who were not born with this talent do not have to accept this gap. “There are various memory techniques that can significantly improve this ability.”

The Station and Schilten Nell

The Station and Schilten Nell

One of them is the route method. “This is a visual learning technique that is based on the spatial memory of our brain,” explains Oberauer. What is meant by this is that memories are tied to places with specific information. “Let’s say you visualize your route to work and mark various points you pass.” This can be a train station, the Italian restaurant around the corner or an ATM. “When playing cards, you now pin the cards that have already landed there. So you can remember the order, for example by connecting the train station with the Schilten Nell.”

Cards are much easier to remember with crazy and funny stories. “If you have to remember several cards, it helps to put them together to form a picture,” explains Oberauer. For example, if roses are played and the ace, king and pawn are gone, you can make up a bizarre story: the ace proposes to the king and the pawn gives them roses. “You create a little story or a film in your mind’s eye and make that information unique to your memory,” explains the professor.

Practice creates masters

Practice creates masters

a helpful way to use . The brain needs to warm up first. No athlete can perform at their best from a standing start. Age doesn’t play a big role here. “Memory performance decreases in people over 60, but this can be largely compensated for with these techniques,” says Oberauer. Are there differences between men and women? “Nothing serious, but women on average have slightly better memories.”

An important prerequisite for remembering something is full attention. “Jassen is a social activity where people also chat, order a drink in a restaurant or get easily distracted by other things,” Oberauer continues. “It’s important not to get distracted and to keep your attention on the game carpet despite everything.”

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